How many codes must you remember?

Today codes are used every where. Whether it is PIN Codes, Passwords, User-ids, Login codes, Passport numbers or Bank accounts we are expected to memorize these by heart. PIN-Master® has been developed to assist you with this challenge - in a simple, secure and safe manner.

Do you have codes which really ought not be stored on your mobile phone or in the cloud?


PIN-Master® can store all your codes

In future you only need to keep all your codes in one place. And you have them ready by hand when you need them. PIN-Master® can store codes which consist of digits, letters and other symbols, hence all sorts of Passwords and Login codes can be managed.


You only need to remember one Master Code

When you switch on your PIN-Master® the very first time you will be requested to select your own Master Code. In future you will only need to remember your own Master Code in order to get access to all your stored PIN codes and passwords.


Safe and Secure

PIN-Master® is safe and easy to use. It cannot be hacked and your codes are protected in case your PIN-Master® is stolen or misplaced.


Same size as a Credit Card

PIN-Master® has the same size as a credit card. It is ultra slim and can be kept in your wallet. Hence you always have your codes available when you need them.


Technical specification

We will be producing two versions of PIN-Master:

Version 1: PIN-Master with Capacity 1.000 characters.
Up to 30 codes can be stored, each with a maximum of 30 characters (letters, numbers or symbols).

Version 2: PIN-Master+ with Capacity 4.000 characters.
Up to 125 codes can be stored, each with a maximum of 30 characters (letters, numbers or symbols).

Chose the model which covers your needs.

Credit Card size: 86 mm (width) x 54 mm (height)
Ultra slim: 3 mm
Battery used: CR2016